Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Time to start Drawing, Painting, Stitching, Crafting, whatever!

I've gotten permission to use my church as a safe mailing address, so send your cards here! 

Jennifer Strong

c/o South Milford Church of Christ
8030 East 600 South
Wolcottville, IN 46795

I've also stumbled into an opportunity to share my story. the Spring Salad, is a dinner for ladies in our community. I think the salad part is just to scare the men away. There are pasta salads, chicken salad, taco salad, deserts....very little lettuce involved. It's always fun, and after dinner there is a speaker. 

Awhile back, I had hesitantly offered to talk if they couldn't find someone, but this is way out of my comfort zone. They did end up finding a speaker, and she said she didn't want a fee for coming. so they came back to me, and suggested that i could briefly share my testimony, set up a  table with information about this cancer and my project, and they could take an offering to donate to the Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research Foundation. (ACCRF). That is huge to me. This is my home church, and they have always been there for us. I'm excited about this opportunity, but I'm nervous too. 

The dinner is May 5, and I would love to have cards to show. Sometimes we see surgery pictures, or that mask for radiation treatments, and the treatments can be brutal. I want to show the other side of this though. That this affects real people, who are living their lives in spite of this cancer. That they are spread across the country, the globe really, but there is a community that is caring, and helping each other by sharing our stories, to find hope by knowing someone else has been through this. 

Sharing information is huge. So many people go to that doctors appointment and are told the cancer has metastasized to their lungs, and that they have an incurable cancer. You have become invisable to the medical community, they have given up on you. But then you find ACCOI, and ACCRF and there is hope. You find out you aren't the only one. There is someone already fighting for you, making research possible and looking for those answers.  

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