Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's spring, and Easter is in 1 week. That brings so many symbols of hope and new beginnings. The snow is melting, it's getting warmer so we can head outside again. I have my next scheduled in a couple months. There is some anxiety about what it will show, but it is also a marking point. When I start to worry, I can remind myself that the last scan looked good. Every clean scan means more time. Someday we'll see this cancer again, but right now life is good.

I'm experimenting with water colors and stamps this week. Sometimes i draw the grid and create random blocks to use as backgrounds

An image can be rubber stamped onto the background, or you can do the reverse. Stayzon Ink is waterproof, so you can stamp the image first. Give the ink a minute to dry, then paint over it with watercolors. Sometimes I like the way it looks bleeding off the edge, other times more neat and clean.

I use these in atc's, and in greeting cards. To make embellishments ahead,  I stamp a variety of birds, flowers and butterflies onto white paper with black ink, leaving at least an inch in between.  Paint over, let dry, and cut out! The way you cut them out also adds interest. On the flower, I used a circle punch. The larger butterfly and the bird are torn for a rough edge. The others are cut close with manicure scissors. These are tucked away in a clear plastic bag till I'm ready to use them. 

The Layering, gives the finished project more complexity. The rectangular cut, on patterned paper has a more formal polished look. 

The torn edges, on a watercolor background is more casual, soft romantic. The right quote or verse will finish it off. 

I'm planning to have a mailing address for the atcs4acc project by the end of this week. I'm also planning to give my testimony at my church the beginning of May. I would love to have some drawing cards collected to display along with information about ACCRF, so start working on them, final details coming soon!


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