Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Going Digital

     I've donated 2 card collections to silent auctions this year, and I think I'm ready to start working on one to auction online. My goal is to finish it by the end mid november, and post it on ebay after Thanksgiving.  This one will have a different format. The cards I've received have been beautiful, but very few have come directly from people dealing with ACC. I think the next piece would be more powerful, and hopefully auction for a higher price if it the connection to survivors was clearer. I'm planning to list the names of the artists, and their connection to ACC on the back of the frame. Names or images could be included in the card as well.  The themes will also be more cancer specific.

I'd like to hear any suggestions for improving this project. What would make it easier for people to be involved?  Are the themes to open?  Would it be easier to send a digital image instead of a paper one? would more examples, or inprogress pictures be helpful?

Submission Date-by November 16th

Themes- survivorship, warrior, Adenoid cystic Carcinoma (ACC), cancer, courage, strength,                hope, community

Colors-red, white, grey, black, silver, other colors as accents

    I know I'm terrible with deadlines, and forgetting to mail things, but I'm good with email. Looking for inspiration, I've seen some creative graphics online. Photographs combined with Quotes. or a graphic used as an avatar, or logo.  I'd like to try creating a collage using these types of images.  I would print them as photos and then frame them, like I have my other projects. The background photo could be a person, a landscape, even a piece of artwork you've already created.  The file would need to be large enough to print clearly as a 4x6. Any text should still be legible scaled down to wallet sized photo.

     Copyrights do become a concern, so the images would need to be original work from the sender, or created using royalty free images. You could use your own photograph, or scan in a drawing. It just can't be something you found on the internet that was created by someone else. It would also be important to include a message stating that I have your permission to use the image in the collage to be auctioned for ACCRF. I'm planning to contact the artists who have created the images I've already seen to get their permission to include them.  I'm also going to contact groups that also donate to ACCRF to see if I could include their logos in the project.

contact me if you have any questions, or ideas.

jpg files can be emailed to atc4acc@gmail.com.

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  1. This sounds wonderful Jen. I hope you get lots of photos! Love Mom