Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Better Together

 I have few drawing cards collected for my next ATC for ACC tray. I could really use more.  September 12 is the Attack ACC walk in Molina, IL . I would like to donate an ATC tray to their silent auction. This is their 9th year raising money for  ACC research. It is also an opportunity for ACC survivors to connect with each other. I'm excited to be going and taking my family. My kids know a lot more about cancer than someone their age should. Events like this remind them that its something you can live with. 

 They use a deep red and white ribbon to represent ACC as a head and neck cancer, but it isn't necessary to use those colors. The theme, is hope, encouragement, strength. You might use angels, flowers, birds, photographs. I would like to have cards by September 1st, to have time to arrange and frame them. I am also planning to auction a piece on ebay later this fall. What inspires you? represent it on a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2  inch card and send it to this address to be included in the ATC4ACC collage. 

 What inspires you? represent it on a 2 1/2 by 3 1/2  inch card and send it to this address to be included in the ATC4ACC collage. 

Jennifer Strong

c/o South Milford Church of Christ
8030 East 600 South
Wolcottville, IN 46795

     After finishing the tray this spring, I worked on a new project.  The other trays I've assembled had general themes, with cards done by various people. This one is all done by me, using the song "better together by Jack Johnson. I was doing a craft swap on Your partner a list of quotes to inspire a project, and this song was on my partners list. It was the song they danced to at their wedding.

     I hadn't heard it before, but it's sweet and I liked the imagery so i used that to inspire the atc cards for the tray. I also used a nautical theme that she mentioned, and some photos she had messaged me. This project took more planning so i used teal, white, and beige as a color scheme. I also tried to repeat materials 2 or 3 times. For instance, the burlap background in one of the smaller openings, is also used as a mat for a photo

I started with hand drawn sections ( the tree, the lighthouse).then to add interest, i cut them out and added patterned paper for backgrounds. Repeating those backgrounds also helped tie the photos and drawings together.

      Then for another layer, I added metal and plastic charms as well as photographs. I scaled the photos down and added a digital border to give it the look of a film strip. I really enjoyed taking a more planned approach on this project, and mixing diffrent materials.  My friend was also thrilled to receive it. 


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